Tonight, I was answering your questions on love, sex and relationships. Here is the featured question of the night: Q. My wife cannot stand my friends and has banned them from the house. We have been married for six months and I thought she was good with my boys, but she says they are rude […]

Check out this article with great advice on what not to say after a friend or family member’s love affair ends. CLICK HERE for the things to not say.

Blac Chyna's roller coaster year of highs and lows continues.

Once a relationship is over, does your family have to drop your ex too? What if they still want to stay connected? Are you mad that your ex still gets to come around? Absolutely No! My Ex was my sister’s best friend first. My sister wasn’t the reason we split up. Yes! It’s very inappropriate. Its […]

If your friend said it was okay, would you date your friend’s ex? Nope. If their a true friend they will not NO! Do you really want to hear that is not how your friend did it? I would also be uncomfortable when the inevitable ex talk comes up you know he is calling your […]

Give me your silly thing that makes you skeptical of having a person in your circle. You know it is ridiculous, but if you see it … it makes you think twice about them. People who talk with their hands a lot, men with hands softer than mine when I go to shake them and […]

Cara Delevingne might actually have the most celebrity friends in Hollywood, and considering the girl comes from the UK…that's pretty impressive.