Morality Police: Would you tell your lover if a friend of his /hers propositioned you? Yes! Absolutely! And why would I tell? WELL WHY NOT?!???! That friend would be banned from our home and life, FOREVER! How disrespectful Nope! I would put him in his place. I would only tell if he touched me. Sure […]

‪#‎MagicHeSaidSheSaid‬ — Sherri Shepherd was declared the baby’s mom today in court. Between surrogacy and money; she may be having one of the world’s worst divorces. Can you have a friendly divorce? No because it ended because of something bad and I won’t forget or forgive it. Yes, but you must be mature and really […]

You and your partner are good friends with another couple and you know the wife is cheating on her husband … Do you tell? I would want somebody to tell me! But, I’m a different kind of animal! I can walk away from anything – EXCEPT MY KIDS! But, I couldn’t tell my friend that there […]

Tonight #MagicHeSaidSheSaid was about — Do you have to be friends with your lover’s friends?   He Says … No, and its even best if they aren’t. Cordial, cool, can hang out in the group, yes. But friendship goes a lil far. That can lead to uncomfortable lines being crossed. Who do they remain loyal […]

  Listener reached out because her husband has asked their female friends about being a third in a threesome, but hasn’t asked her about it yet. Should she be mad? How is he doing that before asking her? What if she says no then is he going to take the friend and another friend. Yup, […]

Have you found yourself spending more lone time lately? If so, you may want to invite a friend out to coffee or a movie or…

Ladies there comes a time when your man might want to hang out with someone who may have the same body parts as you and…

Artist KEM met with magic listeners & fans for a holiday meet and greet. KEM did an exclusive interview with  Lo Lo and had lunch with fans earlier this week as an early holiday treat. KEM has been nominated for two Grammy Awards, amongst his many accomplishments. Check out Photos from the meet and greet. […] Morgan State University recently fired its President. Dr. David Wilson’s contract in and 8 to 7 vote was voted not to be extended next year. Wilson has been the President of the University since 2012. But, the decision came after a violent 2012 fall semester for the school. Read More.  Ravens Wives Shop For […]