THE BUZZ! 16-year-old girl stabbed to death by another teen during McDonald’s sauce dispute Next, On the total flipside these young women could of used some good influences. According to police, the two teenage girls from Waldorf, Maryland had ordered food at a McDonald’s in D.C. and then got into a car together. The two […]

samTHE BUZZ!   A Florida jury awarded $800,000 to an 8-year-old little black girl for an incident involving a McDonald’s Happy Meal. The incident occurred when she was four years old. She suffered 2nd degree burns when a hot chicken nugget dropped onto her lap in the car after her mother handed it to her […]

McDonald's is set to pay $33.5 million to Herb Washington, a Black owner of multiple Mickey D's franchises, to settle a lawsuit accusing the company of systemically giving white owners more opportunity to buy restaurants in affluent neighborhoods.

McDonald’s CEO apologizes after saying 2 slain children were failed by their parents  The CEO of McDonalds is getting some heat for his comments in a text he sent to Chicago’s  Mayor Lori Lightfoot. In the text he was discussing the deaths of a 7-year-old who was shot and killed while sitting in a car with […]

The suspect stabbed the man after he tried to intervene between a security guard and the assailant over the amount of sugar inside his coffee.

In life, three things are guaranteed: death, taxes, and McDonald's McFlurry machine always being "broken."

The Buzz! They’ve been some high profile court cases recently but there’s another one that has been ongoing for quite some time now and that’s the R Kelly case.  Federal prosecutors are trying to get new evidence admitted in his upcoming New York trial.  The allegations include the abuse of teenage girls and women dating as far back […]

Texas Democrats said they are urging Congress again to pass federal voting laws. So the war on voting is still in a battle especially in some states like Texas where Republicans’  are trying to pass bills that would ban drive-thru and 24-hour voting options, enhance access for partisan poll watchers and prohibit local election officials from […]

After a three to four-year hiatus, Hi-C Orange is coming back to McDonald’s. Even after it was taken off menus everywhere in 2017, it remained popular to this day. From WJW Fox 8 News Cleveland: According to a press release from McDonald’s, Hi-C Orange Lavaburst will begin rolling out in select locations this month and […]

If you are a fan of both McDonald’s and their popular Chicken McNuggets, you are going to love this news! They are bringing back the Spicy version of the McNuggets due to popular demand on Feb. 1 and adding a new Mighty Hot Sauce to go with the menu item to make one unique pairing. […]