The public release of the video that shows former NFL running back Ray Rice slugging his fiancee (now wife) and pulling her unconscious body out of an…

Grammy Award-winning American singer Jill Scott turns 41 today. The soulful philadelphia native actress and poet has made a reputation for  being a classic and provoking artist. Ms. Scott’s “Who Is Jill Scott? Words And Sounds Vol. 1” album went multi-platinum in 2000.   Scott  also grew up in North Philadelphia where she was raised […]

Jay-Z and his artist, Rihanna are not seeing eye-to-eye nowadays. Maybe Rihanna pissed off quite a few people when she stated that Chris Brown is the hottest R&B singer in the game right now. However, it seems she was just trying to defend her decision for putting him on her latest remix in the first […]