The Buzz… US Government Gets Sued This pandemic has created some really tough situations for prole and businesses. Some people unable to work, unable to pay rent and now with the country trying to move forward with opening up  certain pandemic insurances are being debated such as the eviction moratorium. Which was set to expire June […]

The 1921 Tulsa massacre… one of the ugliest days in Americas history… one that is not told or mentioned too often at all. But Following World War I, Tulsa was recognized nationally for its affluent African American community known as the Greenwood District. This thriving business district and surrounding residential area was referred to as […]

John Fitzgerald Johnson is the founder of the all-Black armed activist group known as the NFAC which stands for the Not F*#%ing Around Coalition. A group who focuses on the liberation of Black Americans. Well Johnson is now facing federal charges for allegedly pointing a rifle at law enforcement officers during a September protest.  According […]

It has been voted on discussed and voted on again but at some point it will actually be real for those who are waiting for a stimulus check to be cut from the government. Well it seems like that could be happening very soon and if you would like to ensure you get your check […]

Morality Police: Viagra has been cut from the Baltimore City budget. Should the government be paying for Viagra? No! They should not pay!! The government just started paying for Lung Cancer Screenings .. After years of denying claims …Cancer screening is more important then MR. WINKIE GETTING UP ON THE BLUE PILL!! Maybe they just […]

UPDATE 11:15 A.M. EST: Baltimore mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake announced via Twitter that the city will be lifting its curfew, effective immediately. Effective immediately, I have rescinded my…

Maybe Jim DeMint has never heard of the American Civil War. DeMint, the president of the conservative Heritage Foundation and former Republican senator from South Carolina, was a…

President Obama addressed the nation today (Oct. 8th) as the 8th day of the government shut down!

Today was an historical day in U.S. history! President Obama’s affordable healthcare act law went into effect. People are now able to get affordable health care insurance, However, it was not without controversy. The Government was SHUT DOWN. The shut down was triggered by a dispute to defund President Obama’s affordable healthcare act.    

Via Delegate Don Dwyer from Anne Arundel County speaks out after has boating accident from 2012. Dwyer admitted to being under the influence of alcohol while operating the boat. His boat collided with another boat in the incident. Read More.  “What Would Django Do?”: Controversial Gun Appreciation Group Targets Black America Robert Pimentel: Prior […]