A new study has found a link between daylight savings time and an increase in fatal car accidents. The risk of fatal crashes rise by 6%  during daylight savings because of sleep deprivation circadian misalignment due to the dramatic changes in light each morning. So basically, Daylight savings time is deadly. Women should “man spread” instead of sitting with their legs crossed to prevent hip and knee pain. Women have been “trained” so sit with their knees together but that actually twists the femur and puts a strain on the joints and muscles. Male standing sitting and standing positions are reportedly better for women. Your favorite foods might contain insect parts…yes bugs. According to reports about 450 insect parts and 14 rodent hairs can be found in a 16 ounce box of spaghetti. Canned citrus juices can legally have 5 or more fruit fly eggs in it per cup! Ew! The FDA says it is “economically impracticable” to […] One of the world’s top whisky producers has given whisky an upgrade. They’ve eliminated the need for ice, stirrers and glass. How? They created a capsule that is full of alcohol and similar to laundry detergent pods. You just pop it in your mouth, bite and swallow. Would you try this? Going topless has been officially legalized in six states after Fort Collins, Colorado decided it wasn’t worth the money an appeal would cost. They’ve already spent $300,000 defending the law. Wyoming, Utah, Colorado, Kansas, New Mexico and Oklahoma women can now legally go topless. This was a huge win for the “Free the nipple” […] Lawmakers in California are working on a bill right now that would mandate state funded colleges provide the abortion pill to students. Every year over 2 million college aged women get pregnant which disrupts their work and academic lives, weather they choose to carry the pregnancy to term or not. California would be the […] According to research, several mammals have become nocturnal to avoid contact with humans. If this seems extreme…that’s because it is. This probably works out well for the animals but it can have severe ecosystem level consequences. Mammals have been adjusting to the presence of  humans for years by moving less, moving to more remote […] July 2019 was hot! It has been confirmed by experts that July 2019 was the hottest month ever recorded. 9 our of the 10 hottest July’s have happened since 2005 and the last 5 have happened in the last 5 years. Every year it’s getting hotter and hotter, which is dangerous. D.L. says this […] Starting next year Illinois public schools will be required to include LGBTQ history into their curriculum. Students must study the contributions or Lesbian, Gay, Bi-sexual, and transgender people, have made to society. The same thing is reportedly happening with Black history and other ethnicity’s. D.L. believes the LGBTQ history lesson will be short because […] Scientists have now decided that the best way to protect earth from the sun’s harmful rays is to just dim the sun. Wondering how they’ll do it? Well…they plan to use hundreds of thousands of air crafts to list millions of pounds of dust that they would sprinkle outside of earths atmosphere to create […]