Prayers are going up for the legendary Prince, as his plane had to make an emergency landing in Illinois and he has been rushed to the hospital. At this time, his medical condition is unclear. One source is saying  that Prince is still in the hospital and “not doing well,” while another source is saying he […]

For the first time, the Minneapolis-bred icon will be telling the details of his story, in his own words.

The quest to be as fly as Prince may soon be a reality.

Life lesson: If Prince shouts you out during one of his concerts, you have officially reached superstar status. So we’re not sure how it’s possible that Prince looks as good as he did when he released “1999” in 1982! The legendary musician just started the first leg of his “Piano and a Microphone Tour” in Melbourne, Australia. While we’re sure fans are excited to see “The Purple One” in concert, what’s making national headlines […]

Even though they hadn’t been a couple since the 80’s, the death of Denise ‘Vanity’ Matthews must have hit Prince pretty hard.Currently on tour in…

It goes without saying, if Prince asks you to throw a party for him, you better say yes -- just play the right music.