LeBron James appeared more than any other player in most states, with 24 votes. The four-time NBA champion was the most hated from Oregon all the way to New York.

Today Inside The Buzz: Hall of Fame basketball legend Dominique Wilkins said he was turned away from a restaurant in Atlanta because of the color of his skin. The restaurant on the other hand said it was just enforcing its dress code. The Hall of Famer I guess was not really feeling their reasoning and […]

The Buzz: Phylicia Rashad Returns To Howard University So Phylisica rashaad is headig back to school… her alma mater Howard University where she graduated magna cum laude with  a bachelors in fine arts back in 1970… but this time she returns with a new title…how about Dean. Howard University conducted a nationwide search before appointing […]

When NBA Jam dropped in '93 it took the sports world by storm with it's cartoonish, yet, realistic looking NBA players who were designed with big bobble heads and were capable of literally catching fire whenever making three consecutive shots in the game. It. Is. A. Classic.

With the season having concluded just in October, the turnaround seems sudden but on par with most observations.

The NBA is set to officially restart it on Thursday (Jul.30), and if you have been watching the tune-up games, it's a bit weird without fans. The league is looking to tackle that issue by partnering with Microsoft.

Lou Williams of the Los Angeles Clippers risked his health and that of those in the Orlando NBA bubble to visit the famed adult entertainment establishment.

Though many NBA players are looking forward to making a political statement for the world to see come the end of the month, LeBron James and Anthony Davis have said they decided to keep their names on their backs while Jimmy Butler has decided to go with a blank jersey for the remainder of the season.

This latest move only further showcases how the NBA is more representative of the culture as players were quick to represent victims of police abuse and racially motivated murder such as Eric Garner and Trayvon Martin.