THE BUZZ! Jada Pinkett Smith reveals she and Will Smith have been separated since 2016: Exclusive First up Jada Pinkett Smith is opening up about her relationship with Will Smith and is spilling way more tea than before. In an exclusive clip from her upcoming NBC News prime-time special, she confirms that she and Will […]

THE BUZZ! Columbia, Maryland named safest city in America; Baltimore ranked 163 of 182 cities Next, If you start your day in this city in Maryland, you can feel pretty safe. That’s because according to a new WalletHub study, Columbia, Maryland has been named the safest city in America. To determine ranking, WalletHub compared more […]

THE BUZZ! Skydiver who died after hard landing on Florida front lawn identified as 69-year-old lawyer Next, Speaking of finding. Imagine walking out your house to find a man falling from the sky and landing on your front lawn. That is what happened to this Florida man who told WKMG news that, the man landed directly […]

THE BUZZ! California becomes first US state to ban 4 potentially harmful chemicals in food First up On Saturday, October 8, 2023, California Governor Gavin Newsom signed a landmark law banning red dye No. 3 and other potentially harmful food additives in consumer goods. The law, known as the California Food Safety Act, is the […]

THE BUZZ! 9 US citizens dead in Israel conflict, US National Security Council says Next, The conflict between Israel and Hamas has claimed the lives of nine US citizens, according to a US National Security Council spokesperson. The US is working closely with Israel to verify reports of missing and dead Americans, and to provide […]

THE BUZZ! DA’VIAN KIMBROUGH, 13, BECOMES YOUNGEST PROFESSIONAL SOCCER PLAYER IN HISTORY Next, This young man is proving his worth and deserving of all the attention he is getting right now. That’s because he has accomplished something no other thirteen year old has. He’s a professional soccer player. Da’vian Kimbrough, a football prodigy has become […]

THE BUZZ! A third of schools don’t have a nurse. Here’s why that’s a problem. First up If your child’s school has one of these, you are doing better than most in the country. Talking about School nurses, who play a critical role in keeping students healthy and ready to learn.  But more than a […]

THE BUZZ! BPD: Video shows persons of interest in Morgan State University shooting Next, Back in town. Instead of celebrating all the different kinds of homecoming activities at Morgan State University.  Many students are instead questioning campus safety after a tragic incident that lead to 5 victims being shot on campus. They are also receiving […]

THE BUZZ! Woman wins world’s first make-up-free beauty pageant First up Across the pond there is a new pageant that takes a different angle on beauty. This pageant differs from others in that contestants are not allowed to wear any makeup. I mean nothing, no lip gloss, no mascara, nothing. Some ladies right now are […]

THE BUZZ! Hotel worker reveals horrifying reason guests should flush the toilet before using it Next, Sometimes good advice can save you a lot of trouble and headaches. So when  I saw these tips from a hotel worker I thought I’d share because well we will stay in a hotel from time to time and […]