THE BUZZ! In a first, CDC to recommend antibiotic pill after sex for some to prevent sexually transmitted infections A new sex pill. This one is being recommended by the CDC to help prevent the spread of sexually transmitted infections, Officials say the strong antibiotic pill known as Doxy-pep for short could help tremendously in the fight […]

THE BUZZ! Woman Sues Disney Over ‘Painful Wedgie’ and ‘Vaginal Lacerations’ After Riding Waterslide Next, A woman has a waterslide ride that left her severely injured. She visited Typhoon Lagoon on her 30th birthday and rode a water slide with a 214-foot drop into a pool. During the ride she became airborne before slamming back […]

THE BUZZ! I’m a ‘rent-a-mom’ for Gen Z college students — parents pay me $10K to cook, do laundry and bail them out of jail First up If you need it, there is more than likely somebody who sells it. That is even the case when it comes to Moms. Concierge Service for Students (CSS) is […]

THE BUZZ! Police: Ghost guns and 3D printers for making them found at New York City day care Lastly, Another day care at the center of illegal activity. Gladly, this time no deaths were involved. But there were some shocking discoveries made by authorities executing a search warrant. Investigators recovered a 3D printer, 3D printing […]

THE BUZZ! Montgomery riverboat worker speaks out for first time since viral brawl Next, Speaking of firsts. It’s the first time we get to hear from one of the most important figures in the Alabama brawl. And no it’s not the folding chair. Dameion Pickett, is a Black co-captain and the lead deckhand of Harriott […]

THE BUZZ! MYLES ROWE BECOMES FIRST BLACK DRIVER TO WIN AN INDYCAR CHAMPIONSHIP First up, Indy cars recent champion does not look like any of the previous winners to hoist the trophy. That is because its the first time a black man has ever won an Indy race champion. Congratulations to Myles Rowe and his […]

THE BUZZ! Say What Now? You’ll Never Guess Who Was Just Crowned Miss Universe Zimbabwe 2023 Lastly, Some people argue that Zimbabwe is being misrepresented in a recent beauty pageant, while others disagree. All because the winner of Miss Universe Zimbabwe 2023 is a white woman,and the population of Zimbabwe is predominantly Black. With non-Black […]

THE BUZZ! The Hollywood writers strike is over after guild leaders approve contract with studios Next, Your favorite shows will be returning. Hollywood’s writers strike ended after nearly five months. The Writers Guild of America and the Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers reached a tentative agreement on Tuesday. The agreement includes significant wins […]

THE BUZZ! Alabama inmate opposes being ‘test subject’ for new nitrogen execution method First up, A new state execution method is ready, but this inmate refuses to be the first to use it. Nitrogen hypoxia is a new and untested execution method that Alabama wants to use on this death row inmate. The inmate’s lawyers […]

THE BUZZ! Uber Eats to Accept Food Stamps As Payment Option for Grocery Delivery Next Year Lastly, Uber Eats will launch a new payment option next year that will allow SNAP recipients to use their benefits to purchase groceries off the Uber Eats app. According to a statement, the company is implementing this new payment […]