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THE BUZZ!   Jay-Z’s Alleged Son Taking Paternity Battle To Supreme Court First. A proud Father is usually known to claim their children. But what about a child that claims you are their father and wants you to prove it. That is the situation with Jay-Z, who has been in a decade long paternity struggle with this young man who claims to be his son.   And may not be ending soon as this young man is […]

THE BUZZ!   Did This Sportscaster Really Use the N-Word While Referring to the Negro League Baseball Museum? First. This sportscaster had a day to forget after he making a statement he wish he hadn’t. During a Major League Baseball live pregame broadcast between Oakland and Kansas City, this announcer started talking about what he […]

THE BUZZ! Detroit Man Spends 30 Hours In Jail After AI Technology Misidentifies Him In A Criminal Case: ‘I Was Arrested For No Reason’ First. The utilization of Artificial Intelligence (AI) has become a game-changer for many professionals and industries. It provides a lot of benefits like improved efficiency, and decision-making processes. AI can even […]

THE BUZZ!   Woman has ‘loud and full body orgasm’ during LA Philharmonic concert First. Have you ever been moved by music that was so strong or intense? For this one woman she had a full-body sensation while listening to the LA Philharmonic perform Tchaikovsky’s Fifth Symphony. As the song reached a climatic moment so did she. To […]

THE BUZZ!   Los Angeles man accused of treating thousands of people without a medical license for years, DA says First. A Los Angeles man in the medical field is in a lot of trouble after practicing on thousands of people and offering treatments for serious medical conditions. The problem was, he wasn’t a real doctor. […]

THE BUZZ!     White People Deserve Reparations For Fighting Civil War, GOP Candidate Says First. Reparations has been a big topic recently in this country, but not a new one. Many people have different thoughts for or against it when it comes to giving African Americans money for this countries past atrocities with slavery. But […]

THE BUZZ!   Maryland man loses $38K to “grandparent scam” using replicated voice First. How good does a scam have to be to trick you? Be aware of the grandparent scam. It has fooled quite a few people, even one here in Maryland. The scam started with a frantic phone call from a woman who […]

THE BUZZ!   Did Ed Sheeran hit pilfer Marvin Gaye classic? Trial to tell First. A musician is getting sued for alleged copying part of another artist’s song. A story we’ve heard before. But it gets a lot more interesting when you say the artist doing the copying is a Grammy winning pop star. And […]

THE BUZZ! Nearly 800 pounds of fentanyl worth $21.1 million found in shipment of green beans First. Green beans are a good source of folate, potassium, protein and fiber which can help lower cholesterol and regulate blood pressure. But what else can green beans help you do? How about smuggle drugs. More than 3.5 million fentanyl […]

THE BUZZ!   Former Baltimore City Assistant State’s Attorney sentenced to 2 years in prison First. A story we’ve heard before here in this city. A former Baltimore official finds themselves behind bars. According to the prosecution, Adam Chaudry, 43, a former state’s attorney for Baltimore City, used his authority to obtain the phone records […]