Los Angeles

Last week a gunman critically injured two lawmen in Los Angeles. Now LeBron James is being asked to contribute what he can to secure a capture.

A white woman in Los Angeles is being dragged online after a video of her attempting to stop a Black man from doing his job has gone viral. On Wednesday (Jul 22), Jordan Gipson took to Instagram to upload a video of the negative encounter he had with an unidentified white woman with the video starting with the eccentric, and nosey, woman asking why Gipson is wearing “that green thing,” referring to his protective face covering.

Nicki Minaj who was just recently married on October 21,st 2019 to her current husband Kenneth Petty after a year of dating is still kind of a newlywed. Well no one wants to deal with news like this at any point in any relationship as her husband had to turn himself in to federal custody […]

Kobe Bryant‘s wife has to relive the pain of her tragic loss along with the other families affected, this after news that the Los Angeles County sheriff’s deputies allegedly shared photos of the crash site. Vanessa Bryant is reportedly “devastated” by the alleged actions of the authorities as the investigation continues. In a pair of […]

The brand is accused of paying their employees wages as low as $4.66 per hour.

He tried it, and failed. A racist white man made a scene at a sushi spot in Los Angeles, and caught some fists to his face by a Black woman as a consequence. By no means do we ever condone violence, but we totally understand. Raw Story reports how a user named @IvanCyclist posted a […]

A young girl found dead inside a duffel bag last week near a Los Angeles hiking trail has been identified as Trinity Love Jones, according to the Los Angeles Times. According to reports two people of interest who police believe may be connected to the case have been arrested. Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Capt. Kent Wegener, […]

The LAPD needs your help. The police are trying to find the identity of a young girl found dumped near a hiking trail in a black duffle bag in Hacienda Heights, California. The girl’s body was found by Los Angeles County workers and is believed to have been dumped late Sunday night, according to law […]

21-year old Douglas Braden Smyser allegedly ate methamphetamine before boarding a plane and starting tweaking so much that the flight was forced to land early.

Jay Z and Beyoncé are said to be opening up a restaurant!