The drama that is the 2020 elections have continued into 2021. The latest incident finds Donald Trump being heard on a recorded call trying to persuade, convince, and seemingly threaten Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger. According to a report by the Washington Post. (Nathan Posner) During the call, according to a recording of the […]

It looks like Joe Biden has a consistent theme when building his team for his new administration…surround my self with strong women. After being celebrated for his decision to make a woman of color his running mate and now the Vice President Elect both historical achievements, he continues to employ women to his team. Most […]

There are many things you can do to lose your job but when you lose your job for doing your job it maybe a difficult thing to understand and then to learn you lost your job thru a tweet. Well that’s exactly the situation with Chris Krebs who had rejected Trump’s claims of widespread voter […]

Since Joe Biden was projected winner of the 2020 Presidential race and was named President elect, Donald Trump has yet to agree that he has really lost the election, until now. Trump went on  his favorite media platform, Twitter, and tweeted “He won because the Election was Rigged.” This comes after his supporters travelled to Washington […]

R&B Superstar Trey Songz has announced the news in a video posted to his Instagram (Oct. 5) that he has indeed tested positive for covid-19. He said, “I’ve taken many tests as I’ve been out protesting, food drives, of course, I have a very young son at home, so I get tested periodically, and this […]

Now you might not know her by name…Sarah Cooper, but you’ve probably seen her videos on social media lip syncing to some of trumps statements. Well, her videos have gone viral and since march, the best-selling author and comedian, a Jamaican American (big up to the Caribbean massive), has amassed millions of followers and now…..a Netflix […]

President Trump spoke from the White House this evening and his main point was getting America ready for what is expected to happen in the next two weeks. Top health officials are projecting that the coronavirus will be peaking in the next two weeks and with that there will be more cases and even worse […]

It seems that our President the one and only Donald J Trump has plans for America to get back to getting this money. Well he would like to see America open and raring to go sooner than later. That sooner has a time frame and it is Easter Sunday April 12th,2020. A date he thought […]

Easter use to be such an exciting White House experience when Barack Obama was in office: good food, good music and celebs from all walks of life. President Donald Trump and First Lady Melania Trump hosted their first White House Easter Egg Roll on Monday and things did not go as smoothly as they would […]

You are now the President of Love! What love law would you pass? Death to side chicks and the men who recruit them No cheating at all. Everyone should have at least 1 orgasm a day More open marriages….and lies are punishable by death 7 wives per one husband