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Will Smith is partnering with Netflix this time TO host Amend: The Fight for America, a Netflix documentary series that asks the intriguing question, “What does it mean to be an American?” The documentary will debut on Feb. 17 and is produced by Smith and Larry Wilmore. According to Deadline, the six-hour docu-series explores the 14th Amendment of the U.S. Constitution […]

There are always new surveys coming out, well this one from WalletHub ranks the happiest states in the united states. To determine which states would land where they used many different metrics to figure out what factors go into being happy. From income growth, depression rates, to unemployment, and weather they used over 32 metrics […]

The United States of America is celebrating the 100th anniversary of the 19th Amendment. which granted women the right to vote. In celebration of that achievement, the USA Today Network asked all 50 states and the District of Columbia to each choose 10 women who have made significant contributions to their respective states and country. […]

The United States of America is now officiallyepicenter of the Covid-19 virus pandemic. With over 500,000 confirmed cases worldwide and 23,000 deaths reported. Here in the United States there are 82,000 confirmed cases and over 1,300 deaths. That’s more lose of life than China and Italy to date. The virus has invaded all 52 states […]

After a little while people were starting to wonder whats up with West Virginia and D.C. the two latest spots in the Unites States to not report a confirmed case of someone testing positive for the coronavirus. Well all that changed pretty recently as both have now officially reported their first case of the coronavirus. […]

Native Americans struggle with double consciousness during the Thanksgiving holiday.

For many, meeting the Pope is a once in a lifetime opportunity… stealing his glass of water and drinking out of it? Priceless. As he…

The United States and Cuba will take a step further towards rekindling their relationship. The two nations plan on announcing the reopening of their embassies…

United States forces have killed a senior Islamic State commander and captured his wife during a raid in Syria. NY Daily News reports: Defense Secretary…

On Tuesday U.S. health officials said the first patient was diagnosed with the deadly Ebola virus in the country. The patient had been after flying from Liberia to Texas. The Ebola outbreak has been ravaging West Africa and can spread globally. Dr. Thomas Frieden, director of the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) told reporters […]