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Bill Cosby believes convicted sex abuser R Kelly was ‘railroaded’ during his sex crimes trial blaming racism and claiming any appeal will be successful Bill Cosby had some comments about the R Kelly verdict and feels some kind of way about what happened to him.  Cosby who just went through his own court issues said […]

The Buzz! They’ve been some high profile court cases recently but there’s another one that has been ongoing for quite some time now and that’s the R Kelly case.  Federal prosecutors are trying to get new evidence admitted in his upcoming New York trial.  The allegations include the abuse of teenage girls and women dating as far back […]

The Buzz! White House To Work With Baltimore On Gun Violence Issue. President Joe Biden spoke yesterday about the gun violence happening in cities across the us and mentioned Baltimore a few times after a round table discussion at the White House that included Baltimore Mayor Brandon Scott. President Biden said. “Today’s conversation with Mayor Scott of […]

Some very big money was approved by the Baltimore’s spending panel. They approved the sum of $1.1 million in police misconduct lawsuits. The lawsuits include the first two settlements related to the city’s corrupt Gun Trace Task Force. The GTTF cases account for a combined $600,000, according to the Board of Estimates agenda for Wednesday, […]

Baltimore City Council President Brandon Scott has won the Democratic nomination for the city’s mayor. Remember you can always take WOLB 1010 with you wherever you go by listening live online or via our app. According to the Associated Press, the November election is simply a formality and Scott is in a strong position to […]